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Struggling As An Artist With Schizophrenia? Consider Disability Benefits

Artists often see the world in a different way and use this perception change to their advantage by creating amazing work. Unfortunately, some working artists may also have emotional and psychological problems like schizophrenia that make their lives more of a challenge. As a result, they may need to apply for disability to stay financially solvent as an individual. These people may need to talk to an attorney to ensure that they get the best results.

Schizophrenia May Be a Major Challenge

Artists trying to succeed in a busy market may find that many of their artistic urges and concepts are a result of the development of schizophrenia. This disease can make a person disconnect with reality and cause them to have hallucinations and other mental and emotional problems. When this happens, an artist may find themselves inspired to create but could struggle to handle basic needs.

For example, they may find it hard to stay at their current job because their schizophrenia makes them think that people there are out to "get" them. They may also struggle to sell art because they develop feelings of grandeur that make it hard to connect with sellers. Therefore, it is critical to talk to a doctor about these possible symptoms and apply for disability to get the necessary help.

Schizophrenia May Qualify for Disability

Individuals with schizophrenia often need large doses of medication and behavioral adjustments to become happy and productive members of society again. Unfortunately for many artists, these medications may make them feel uninspired or make it harder to get the energy to work. Therefore, artists with severe schizophrenia may want to talk to a Social Security disability specialist right away.

That's because Social Security Disability will cover schizophrenia and help to pay for treatment and other bills for an artist. As a result, they can get their lives back in order, focus on their creative urges, and potentially find a way to combat their symptoms. Some may even find it possible to not only to improve their schizophrenia symptoms but to also get off of disability later on the road.

Those who want to apply for these benefits need to get a diagnosis of schizophrenia from a medical professional and then apply for benefits. Getting approved will help to provide a little financial leeway for artists who need help with this debilitating disease. And a high-quality disability lawyer can help to present a case more effectively or appeal a denial and get it approved. Speak with a disability attorney near you to learn more.