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When Biking Is NOT Good For Your Health: Bicycle Accidents And How To Address This Issue Legally

Biking is generally thought of as an excellent form of exercise. It helps you build lean, trim leg muscles, and if you are one of those bike riders who never sits down on the seat and is always jockeying from the pedals, then it helps you build well-shaped gluteus maximus muscles too (i.e., your derriere). However, there are times when bicycling is not always good for your health. In these instances, biking can be downright dangerous and bordering on lethal. If you survive a bicycle accident, you should consult a bicycle accident lawyer right away. Here is more on the unhealthy and darker side of riding a bicycle. 

Hit by a Turning Car

The bike lane exists for a reason, but some car drivers use it to pass other cars, never once taking a second look at what is behind or ahead of them in the bike lane. This is how many bicycle accidents occur since those in the bike lane are not expecting cars to be there, and they cannot stop as quickly or as easily as a car can. Without a doubt, you have every right to sue the driver that moved into the bike lane and hit you or that turned into the bike lane to make a corner turn. 

Broadsided by a Commercial Truck

Along with the cars on the road, bicyclists have to contend with commercial trucks. Commercial trucks frequently do not see bicyclists because bicyclists are much lower to the ground than the cabs of these trucks and the drivers are not paying attention to everyone on the road. If a truck hits you and you survive, you will be most fortunate, indeed, considering that they are hitting you with far more force than a passenger vehicle. Sue for all your medical bills, your pain and suffering, and the replacement of your bicycle if you are able to get on a bicycle and if you ever want to ride again after such an accident. 

Signless and Unattended Holes in the Pavement or Sidewalk

In general, you should not be biking on the sidewalk anyway, but if you are and you fall into a hole in the sidewalk that drops you several feet into the sewers below, you can likely sue. Likewise, any unattended and signless holes (i.e., there is a lack of a warning sign in front of the roadwork) in the street that drop you several feet are lawsuit-worthy. In the case of a hole in the street, sue the workers that were supposed to put out warning signs, sue the workers that were supposed to be watching the hole and redirecting traffic of all kinds around it, and sue the city to cover your injuries and losses. 

To learn more, contact a bicycle accident attorney.