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Cell Phones Not Only Overheat But Can Become A Fire Hazard

When you're operating your cell phone, the last thing you expect is for it to catch on fire. However, several cell phone models have caught on fire in the past due to issues with their batteries. While this type of malfunction is rare, if this happens and you suffer a burn injury, a personal injury attorney may help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Reasons Why Cell Phones Catch Fire

Some cell phones simply become hot when operating with high processing power. This is especially a problem with old cell phones. Also, problems with a cell phone's battery can cause it to overheat and a cell phone can even explode. Some defective charging devices can also cause a cell phone to overheat.

​The Consequences of a Flaming Cell Phone

Cell phones that overheat or catch on fire can burn the user. In extreme cases, the cell phone might cause your home to catch on fire. If something like this happens, you might suffer injuries in the house fire, and you will also deserve compensation for the damage done to your house. 

Product Liability for Cell Phones

Cell phone manufacturers have strict liability because they are expected to create products that do not endanger customer. Fortunately, cell phone personal injury cases are typically straightforward. When your cell phone catches on fire, it's clear what caused your injuries and who is responsible for manufacturing the cell phone. 

The cell phone might have been designed in a manner that makes it inherently more likely to catch on fire. In other cases, the phone might have been designed properly but a mistake was made during the manufacturing of the phone. For example, a wire might not have been soldered properly, which creates a defect that causes the cell phone to overheat when it shouldn't.

After a Cell Phone Fire

If your cell phone does catch on fire, make sure to write down everything that happened. If you are injured, seek medical attention as quickly as possible. Burn injuries can leave scars if untreated and can also cause significant pain. You will be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and for any future treatments you'll require, such as a skin graft. For example, if your cell phone catches on fire as you use it, the flame might burn your face and leave a scar that will require plastic surgery to correct. A personal injury lawyer will help you get compensation.

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