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Is It Necessary To Hire An Attorney When You'Re Involved In An Auto Accident?

Were you recently involved in an auto accident that caused you to sustain an injury? If so, you're likely wondering if you need to hire an attorney to deal with the legal matters to resolve this incident. Here are some common questions you likely have about the need for a lawyer.

Did You Have Minimal Property Damage?

It is unfortunate, but many injury claims are denied when they stem from minor accidents. The insurance adjuster from the responsible party may look at how much damage is caused in the crash and assume that there is no way the minimal damage resulted in a serious injury. Therefore, your claim will be denied and you will not be able to receive compensation. However, it is very easy to suffer an injury from a minor accident. Whiplash in particular can happen when your car comes to a sudden stop, and you can have injuries that are not necessarily broken bones.

An attorney can help fight on your behalf when your claim is denied purely because of the amount of property damage that was caused. You'll need help proving that your injuries are real and resulted in a loss that you need to be compensated for.

Do You Have A Better Chance Of Winning With A Lawyer?

If you are trying to make a claim on your own without the help of a lawyer, an insurance adjuster is going to know, and may even take advantage of the situation. For example, they may try to get you to sign a waiver of your damages in order to receive a check. This may be very early into the process before the full extent of your injuries become apparent. 

A lawyer is going to fight on your behalf and help you get the compensation that you deserve for your personal injury. Your claim will be taken seriously simply by having a lawyer do the talking for you with the insurance adjuster. 

Is It Ever Too Late To Use A Lawyer?

You may think that too much time has passed since the accident and that you cannot even use a lawyer. That is not true, since many injuries do not become apparent until a while after an accident happens. As long as you have not waived your rights with the insurance provider, you can use a lawyer at any point in the process to help you win a case that you are struggling with. 

For more information on how to get proper compensation after a car accident that resulted in injuries, contact an auto accident attorney in your area.