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Not Following Scooter Laws Can Lead To A Personal Injury Legal Battle

Electric scooters are legal in some parts of the United States and not others. However, even if electric scooters are legal in your area, some cities have banned the use of electric scooters at night. If you are involved in an accident with an electric scooter, where and when the accident occurs can affect whether you will win your case.

Riding a Scooter When it is Not Allowed

Scooter use is sometimes restricted because some scooter operators speed or do not use the proper lanes. As a result, there have been several electric scooter deaths. It's important that you always ride your scooter while following all state and local laws. If you are riding a scooter at a time when it is not allowed, you may be considered partially or fully at fault for the accident.

The growth in the number of scooter injuries is in part due to their increased use. For example, there are many companies that now offer scooter rentals as an easy way to get around in the city. However, other cars may not notice you while you are on your scooter and may collide with you. The most common areas of the body injured while falling off an electric scooter are the head and upper limbs. 

Many electric scooters are rented out by businesses across America. Unfortunately, some companies fail to adequately maintain their scooters and customers can sometimes be injured as a result. If you discover that your injuries are connected to an electric scooter not being properly maintained, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries from the company.

Accidents with Pedestrians

In addition to getting into an accident with a motor vehicle, you may risk colliding with pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, and anyone else using traveling through the city. When you collide with someone else, you may find yourself in a situation where both you and the other party are injured and you will then be required to enter into a legal battle to determine who is at fault.

Legal Representation for an Electric Scooter Injury

For many personal injury lawyers, electric scooters are seen as a new but important area of legal representation. As a result, some personal injury attorneys are keeping up-to-date on electric scooter laws even if they have not yet represented a client for an injury involving an electric scooter. They will help you prove that the other party is at fault, calculate damages, and negotiate a settlement.