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How To Recover As A Motorcyclist After A Drunk Hit And Run Accident

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to lead to high-risk injuries. This is because of the lack of protection that a motorcyclist has during the accident. It's even worse if the other driver was drunk and chose to drive away from the scene of the accident. When this occurs, you'll want to wait until help arrives and make sure that the authorities are notified of the accident.

Understand Why Drivers Often Flee a Hit and Run Accident

Many drivers leave the scene because they are so drunk that they don't realize they hit someone. In other cases, the driver might be trying to avoid punishment and may be afraid of being found with an illegal substance. 

Contact the Authorities

The sooner you contact the authorities, the more likely it will be that the authorities will be able to help you. Fleeing the scene of the accident is a crime and the driver might be arrested. The driver might face years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. However, their insurance provider will still be required to pay for your damages if you can prove that the driver was negligent. The driver's assets might also be liquidated to pay for your medical expenses.

When the police become involved, they will record the state of your injuries, the facts relating to your accident, when the accident occurred, and the damage done to your motorcycle. All of this information can play a role in helping you prove that you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. 

Make sure to share all the details with the police that you can because these may end up being relevant to your personal injury case. The police officer will likely speak with any witnesses and you may be able to obtain their contact information later after you have recovered.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

If you are unable to receive compensation from the other driver, you will need to turn to your own insurance provider. The fact that you followed all of the right steps will increase the odds that your insurance provider will fully compensate you.

Contact a Hit and Run Attorney

Contacting an attorney is always a great idea because you might be able to identify who was responsible for your accident. An attorney will be able to discuss your options so you can determine which approach will allow you to reach a settlement and pay for your medical bills.

For more information, contact a hit and run accident lawyer today.