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How An SSDI Attorney Can Help You Be Qualified Under A Qualifying Condition

How you draft your case when applying for Social Security Disability (SSDI) can play a substantial role in whether you will be approved for SSDI benefits. If you fall under one of several approved conditions, you will be more likely to be approved. However, to make sure that your case is drafted properly, you will want to hand this task off to an SSDI attorney.

How the List of Impairments Works

The SSDI List of Impairments is the list of conditions that would leave you as being qualified for SSDI benefits and includes the claim approval criteria. This list used to be included in a book, but it is currently only available online.

Not all SSDI claims are settled on a basis of the list of medical impairments because the majority of impairments that may allow you to be qualified for SSDI benefits are not listed. However, having one of the qualified medical impairments will increase your odds of being approved.

How Your SSDI Attorney Will Help You Get Approved

The good news is that an experienced SSDI attorney will know how to draft your case in a way that will increase your odds of falling under one of the qualifying conditions. But if this is not possible, your attorney may still be able to allow you to file a successful claim as long as your condition is severe, chronic, and will prevent you from working. 

The SSDI will take into account your:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Remaining functional capacity

For example, if you are too old to retrain for a more sedentary position, you may qualify for SSDI. Fortunately, an SSDI attorney has the resources necessary to make sure that your claim is approved. 

For example, your attorney will assist you in obtaining a doctor's opinion, will obtain and submit medical evidence, and will inform you about the questions you may be asked during your hearing.

Why You Shouldn't Hesitate to Hire an SSDI Attorney

You will likely not have to pay any money upfront to be represented by an SSDI attorney, and all the information you provide will be confidential. You will not be charged a fee unless your claim is approved. 

Your claim will be likely to be approved more quickly. Your attorney can give you a sense of whether your claim will be approved initially and will appeal your claim if necessary. Your attorney will fight hard to argue that you were wrongly denied your benefits.

For more information on getting SSDI benefits, talk to a social security disability lawyer in your area.