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What Type Of Damages You Can Recover In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Do you have a loved one that was suddenly taken away from you due to an accident, and someone else is to blame? If so, you can sue for the damages that they caused in a wrongful death lawsuit. Here are some examples of what kind of damages that you can expect to receive.

Medical Expenses 

There will sometimes be medical expenses related to the injury. This includes ambulance bills, ER costs, ongoing doctor bills, and things of that nature. All of these expenses can be recorded in a wrongful death lawsuit. There is no reason that you should have to pay for the medical care associated with the end of your loved one's life.

Funeral Expenses

The costs associated with having a funeral for your loved one can also be recovered. Even though these are costs that you would eventually have to pay someday, the nature of having to pay them at this moment in your life makes them an expense that can be recovered as well. 

Estate Administration Expenses 

There will certainly be expenses related to administering your loved one's estate after they pass away. Much like with funeral expenses, they can still be recovered because of the nature of the wrongful death. This can help you pay for the bills associated with estate administration that you were not currently prepared for.

Future Support Expected To Receive

Losing a spouse can certainly throw your financial plans off track, especially if you were depending on their income, their pension, or other support that they are able to provide. Even if they are not making an income, they may be providing the role of a caretaker to a family that now needs to pay for those expenses out of their pocket. All of these things can thankfully be recovered.

Loss Of Companionship

One type of damage that is hard to put a price on is the loss of companionship. Unfortunately, it is one type of damage that the person's age can impact how much you receive. Losing a spouse or parent at a young age means that you miss out on many years of that companionship and can receive more compensation. It is common for this type of damage to go down as the person gets older in age because there were fewer potential years that were lost. 

Reach out to a wrongful death lawyer in your area for help proving all of these damages in court.